Custom Homes

Custom Homes

At Ross Construction there is no list of standard list of features. Whether we are building a 1000 square foot starter home or a 4,000 square foot luxury home, they are all custom with unique features.

There are some features that make Ross Construction the leaders in the industry:

  • Energy efficient & environmental features
  • All Ross Homes are Energy Star Homes including features like: higher insulation values, super high efficiency furnaces & air conditioners, fully ducted HRVs, solar ready, drain water recovery units and more.
  • Engendered Floor Systems that give the ability to design rooms with larger spans as well as no floor squeaking
  • Decreased use of particle board to improve the air quality in the home and environment

Buying a home is probably one the most important decisions you'll have to make in your lifetime.

Because you have to live with the final decision for years to come, it's a wise choice to choose a builder who cares about his customers, understands their wants and needs, and then offers it at a fair price. You must also choose a builder who offers the best quality, value and warranty service long after the sale is over.

That's why Ross Homes is one of the region's leading home builders today. William J. Ross Construction Ltd. is no stranger to the home building industry. The family business has been building residential homes, additions and renovations for over 55 years.

"Keeping the promise of a superior product."

Ross Homes is committed to the future, by continually searching for newer and better products to make your home last longer, be more energy efficient, and be environmentally friendly.

A great number of our homeowners have accepted our promise by purchasing a second and sometimes a third Ross Home. We are committed to building the quality and value you want in your home, plus delivering the service on which you can depend.

Compare our homes and the communities that we help build, and you'll see what we mean. Your Ross Home will be the best home you've owned. You have my word on it.

Mike Ross

New Homes Are Better Homes.

Over the years, the building industry has been improving the product it makes. Now, new homes in Ontario are built better than ever and William J. Ross Construction Ltd. has been in the forefront in helping make these decisions.